My JUICY JOURNEY!!! - 4 Wks Progress...


So this is me!!!!

Lianne Crawford on my juicy journey to improve my health, wellbeing and to gain weight in the process.

When started, I knew I had lost a significant amount of weight buttttttttt......

Omydayzzzzz..... I didn't realise exactly how much! I had a BMI that came out as SEVERELY UNDERWEIGHT!

My clothes were falling off, my skin had gotten worse, my mental & emotional health were under pressure and I just knew I needed to do something to make changes for myself and my family.

....THE PLAN....

Weight Gain...SILVER PLAN...Fruit & Veg Capsules + Shakes

My #WEIGHTGAIN plan requires me to take;

Now gaining weight may sound easy, but I had a whole host of things working against me....

  • Fast Metabolism

  • Poor Appetite

  • Bad Habits

  • Anxiety

  • Remembering to eat

4 WEEKS IN.......

I have struggled to gain weight for a very long time.... but 4 weeks into the plan and I had already started to see the results...

  • I gained 7lbs!!!

  • More Energy

  • Wasn't falling asleep mid-afternoon

  • Skin began to clear

  • Nails were stronger

  • My appetite was improving

At this point didn't even know I had made gains, it wasn't showing in my body, so when I got on the scales I was soooooooo happy ....lollllll

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