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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

It is believed, that life is made up of four distinct elements Water; Fire; Air & Earth.

Each one of the elements represents a different purpose, energy, character or nature.

Water often refers to the inner world of our emotions, unconscious and pertains to feelings of love, anger, happiness etc...

Fire represents the spark of life we all carry, it is the element that causes us to move, (or not!) act, and do something, it governs our desires, drives, will and ambition.

Air rules the mind, mental activity and our communication it governs how we think, communicate perceive, imagine and interact with our environment and ourselves!

Earth is our physical body and therefore linked to health, wealth, home, family, security and anything we can experience with our five senses.

In The Elements reading the Animal Oracle Deck is used to look at these 4 areas;

Earth- Body | Finances | Stability | Work

Fire- Passion | Ambition | Energy

Water- Love | Relationships | Feelings

Air- Mind | Communication | Ideas

A fifth card is drawn to give you personal guidance and assess which chakra may need some attention and care!

Spirit- A Message for you guidance / Chakra in Focus

This reading will be delivered via PDF Report sent to the email address provided at time of payment...

You will also received guidance for activities you can do to cultivate the energies uncovered in your reading. These readings are conducted in sacred space and take approx 2 days to complete


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